You’ve Been Doing Social Media Engagement Wrong

Facebook is the wall

Your idea of control is an illusion

Pre-Internet era, it was simple to identify a follower base. e.g. Jesus had 12 disciples who followed him everywhere.

Fear of the Facebook Blackhole

Now, Facebook wants you to give people reasons to talk to themselves or [you] vanish into thin air. Whether or not, this is a strategy to make brands spend more money is still unclear to me but I won’t rule out the possibility.

How do we fix this?

Perhaps, a timeless approach would be to:

  1. Move away from understanding algorithms to understanding people. It’s for brands to truly explore the social in social media.To understand how people think, how they want to be talked to, the social constructs that determine their behaviour offline and online, and what makes them talk to each other online. To ask, how can my content make people talk to themselves in the most engaging way possible?
  2. Think of your social media pages as platforms, not channels. Imagine for a second that people wake up to your page like they wake up to social media or to their friends snaps. Imagine that they go out of their way to see your latest posts for the fear of missing out. Imagine that they look forward to seeing comments from their online friends on your page. That’s where your brand needs to be and that can only happen when you don’t run the page like it’s just another marketing channel.
    My favorite reference is the Linda Ikeji Blog. Besides having a first mover advantage, she created super sticky content for an audience. Whether by strategy or accident, she built a habit around her platform where people woke up to LIB.



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‘Joke Adekunle

‘Joke Adekunle

Marketing Consultant for Clean Energy & Agriculture Companies in West Africa. Host #TATWPod