The bane of energy access remains that those who need the most can’t afford it.

According to the World Bank — (assuming a 200m Nigerian population) about 87 million Nigerians lack access to electricity.

On the other hand, Nigeria is one of the most religious countries in the world and the country is believed to have the largest church population in Africa, estimated at about 80 million.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean 80m of the 87m lacking electricity are Christians but it points to the potential impact churches can have in closing the energy gap in Nigeria.

Church as a Channel

No doubts, some sensitization…

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The Energizing Education Programme by the Federal Government to supply 37 Federal Universities and 7 University Teaching Hospitals across Nigeria with clean energy is a laudable effort to create an enabling learning environment for students in Nigeria. There are also other similar initiatives underway in schools like the University of Nigeria, Nsukka; all which allude to a need for stable power among Nigerian students, hence my working theory that there’s a market for Solar School Systems in Nigeria.

For one, the education pipeline is one that’ll likely never run dry. Secondary and tertiary education also provides a consistent pool of…

In the past 3 months, we’ve seen a more committed effort from the public sector to expand domestic gas use — most notably autogas (LPG/CNG/LNG); to put it literally, the government, hit the gas.

We’ve started talking the talk, so how do we walk the walk?

1 million converted dual fuel vehicles by the end of 2021 is an audacious, almost-hard-to-believe goal by the federal government even though the proposed implementation plan looks promising. So in an ideal market where vision is followed by flawless execution; asides establishing a retail distribution network through collocation with petrol stations or standalone autogas…

The reason is simple, it’s not an immediate priority nor does it yield any direct personal benefit.

We learn from Behavioural Economics that in making decisions, people tend to rely on mental shortcuts to avoid prolonged thinking about an action — the more complex the decision seems, the higher tendency the consumer finds a mental shortcut to reduce the effort required.

Now, for a big daunting problem like climate change, it’s no question that any consumer, who cares to give it a thought, will wonder how much impact they’ll make for a seemingly costly decision like switching to solar.

Solar is the right choice, not the obvious choice.


SHS companies like Lumos and Fenix have a ready template to make their products accessible through partnerships — find a telco or agent network or a bank. But as a company offering custom residential solutions, who do you partner with to make your solutions discoverable?

Real estate developers and private estate associations are obvious answers; however, other obvious but rarely explored opportunities include:

  • Brand-Agnostic Electronics Stores or Modern Trade Outlets Warehousing Electronics.

Some days ago, during a conversation over dinner with a friend in the kitchen, she asked “how often do you think about a fire explosion?”, my response — “every time I cook”.

I was also a resident in the private estate directly opposite the LPG depot in Lagos where a gas explosion in 2018 allegedly killed at least two people. I remember — minutes before the explosion — perceiving gas and shortly after getting a notification from the estate’s Whatsapp group alerting residents to not ignite any fire as there was a possible leakage at the depot; from the responses…

What if LPG was sold like Coke in a glass bottle?

Disclaimer: My scientific knowledge on the workings around this is very limited. I’m only exercising my brainpower from a product / marketing standpoint.

To sachetize a product is to create a variant more suitable for a broader segment of consumers with low incomes. From milk to detergent, the sachetization model is popular in the FMCG industry; and there’s a growing adoption of this model in the financial services industry too as more companies now disburse micro-loans to consumers with no collateral requirement upfront.

For a market like Nigeria, sachetization…

The emergence of LPG, solar and other clean energy solutions in Nigeria has shown tremendous impact so far with even more potential to uplift the country’s ~40% out of poverty. But to make this goal truly sustainable is to identify and maximise commercial opportunities for companies providing these solutions and for consumers in communities with low economic activities.

The industry has shown an unrelenting focus tackling the latter by hiring local workers for production and operational activities, embedding business opportunities into offerings and empowering consumers on entrepreneurship.

While there are many complex levers to pull like lowering price or seeking…

What if the term — Solar — reduces its appeal with consumers?

In creating new markets, there are obvious barriers to navigate with consumers; like accessibility to your product/service, affordability and available knowledge on the value of your product/service relative to the market.

Solar is a high-touch business, especially in SSA markets given, among other things, the need to educate consumers on its benefits. For completely off-grid communities in Nigeria, this is relatively easy given they are moving from 0–1, no access to access. And since these communities are served with mini or microgrids, it really doesn’t matter what the…

Moving on from DigiEngage.

Just over four years ago, on the fourth of September 2014, I joined DigiEngage Nigeria, today marks the end of that journey.

As Chief Operating Officer, I helped build the company alongside a solid team. Together, we worked with brands in Nigeria and Ghana across finance, FMCG and tech.

It was exciting to see tech-driven marketing ideas positively impact our clients’ businesses — going beyond the clicks, impressions and likes all the way down to their bottom lines.

It was inspiring to see each team member build new skills and take on responsibilities that accelerated the…

‘Joke Adekunle

Marketing Consultant for Clean Energy & Agriculture Companies in West Africa. Host #TATWPod

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